With her film Ayanda picked up for release in the US, the actor and producer shares what she loves about the red carpet, and her dream role.

1. PERFECT DAY BEGINS: With black coffee without sugar. AND ENDS WITH: A giant glass of red wine. No, I have not named the glass!

2. BIGGEST VICE: Trash TV – I’m obsessed with Maury. BIGGEST DISCIPLINE: How I communicate with my nephews.

3. I ALWAYS SPLURGE ON: Food. I ALWAYS SAVE ON: Clothes – I love sales!

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4. CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: Tsotsi winning an Oscar, signing with L’Oréal Paris and being one of the first African actors to be featured on E! News Special. LOW POINT: Not getting ‘that’ one role.

5. BEST THING ABOUT THE RED CARPET: Enjoying the glamour unashamedly; working with designers and stylists. WORST THING ABOUT THE RED CARPET: Arriving at the same time as an A-list Hollywood star – cameras and security go insane.

6. I ALWAYS LAUGH AT: My nephews’ dance moves and my jokes. I ALWAYS STRESS ABOUT: What to wear.

Terry Pheto, Idris Elba and Naomie Harris at the 'Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom' film premiere

Terry Pheto, Idris Elba and Naomie Harris at the ‘Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom’ film premiere

7. ALWAYS EARLY FOR: Work, whether it’s business meetings or shoots. ALWAYS LATE FOR: My favourite breakfast show with John Robbie on Talk Radio 702.

8. I FEEL FOR: People with no dreams. NO SYMPATHY FOR: Criminals and lazy people.

9. ENDLESSLY CURIOUS ABOUT: People and different cultures. ZERO INTEREST IN: Donald Trump and the Kardashians.

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10. MOMENT OF TRIUMPH: Baking a birthday cake for my goddaughter’s party. EPIC FAIL: Not being able to party three nights in a row in Vegas. Age!


12. DREAM ROLE TO PLAY: A superhero. FIRST ROLE I EVER PLAYED: Miriam in Tsotsi.

13. BEST GIFT EVER RECEIVED: My nephews, Reggie and Khumo, and a fancy camera from my boyfriend. BEST WAY TO TREAT MYSELF: Travel.

 All images via Rex Features