Beyoncé Giselle Knowles is pregnant with twins. She made the joyous announcement on Instagram at approximately 1:39 p.m. EST on Wednesday. No one can handle it. No. One. Read here how the Beyhive has welcomed the most excellent news. Save us all, Carter Babies nos. 2 and 3.

1. That’s a beautiful photo. It’s also me after 23 dumplings

2. So inspiring

3. FYI

4. The show must go on

#5. Truth 

6. Yas, Bey, Yas

7. Also #truth

8. Preach, Jane

9. Divine intervention

10. She slay

11. I’ll wait

12.  Just a suggestion, Carters

13. And some more

14. OMG, so true

15. Yes

16. And now, a word from Jesus

17. Hot take

18. The best two-party system in the universe

19. <3 

20. Babies are especially overwhelmed by the baby news 

21. Babies are coming

22. Hello

hello from beyoncé’s uterus see yall in a few months

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Via Cosmopolitan USA