Along with the rise of selfies, came the rise of the ‘Duckface’ – a wide-eyed pout that saved us from ever having to smile awkwardly at the camera. The Duckface served us well but it has now become tired and over-used. Thankfully, the Internet has come up with a few new expressions to save us:

Sparrow face

Very similar to the Duckface, the ‘Sparrow face’ entails opening eyes wide and pursing your lips. It’s open-mouthed and not quite a pout, as if you have a sparrow beak.

Alternatively there’s the ‘Frog face’. This face owes its popularity to Miley Cyrus. In fact, it would probably be more recognizable if it were just called the Miley Cyrus face. All it takes is a tongue out to the side, as if you’re trying to touch your cheek.

Fish lips

Pucker up those ‘Fish lips’! This trout pout is the extreme version of the Duckface. It involves sucking your cheeks in so that your lips are completely pursed like a gaping fish.

Sex dolling

This one is a bit disturbing. We’re not sure why you’d want to look like this, but ‘Sex dolling’ involves making your eyes and mouth as round as you can so that your face resembles an inanimate sex doll.

Snapchat face

This face turns the idea of the selfie on its head. Made popular by Reddit, as ‘Pretty Girls Pulling Ugly Faces’, this involves taking one photo of your face as normal and another with your chin pressed against your chest and eyes bulging. Basically, being as ugly as you can be.

As charming as all of these seem, it probably wouldn’t hurt to simply crack a good old-fashioned smile too.

Devaksha Vallabhjee