The idea that a woman should hang her head in shame and try her best to hide all evidence of a sexual encounter the morning after is so common that we’ve even given it a name – the Walk of Shame.

Well, Amber Rose is here to tell you that the Walk of Shame is bullsh*t. In a new Funny or Die video titled ‘Walk of No Shame’ Amber emerges from a house after a night of casual sex and proudly strolls through the streets barefoot, heels in hand and smiling. She’s greeted by a postman, an elderly couple, a mother and child and even the mayor who comment on how glad they are that she had fun last night.


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The sketch is set in a utopian world where women are allowed to enjoy and celebrate their sexuality without judgement or criticism. We can only hope that if enough people watch it, the message will rub off on the real world.

Amber has been vocal about combatting slut-shaming in the past. She attended this year’s VMA’s clad in a bodysuit bearing words like ‘slut’, ‘hoe’ and ‘gold digger’ – all names she’s been called on social media. She explained that she wanted to show what women go through on a daily basis.


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The video is also a promotion for Amber’s Slut Walk, which will protest sexual violence and slut-shaming, in Los Angeles on 3 October.

Watch the video above, and if you’re ever in a similar situation, make like Amber and ‘stride with pride’.