On Wednesday TMZ broke the news that Selena Gomez and The Weeknd are dating – based on photos of them kissing outside a restaurant in Santa Monica.

Previously, The Weeknd, 26, dated model Bella Hadid for 18 months before the two broke up in November last year. While we don’t have any evidence to support that Selena and Bella are friends, Selena has been spotted hanging out with Bella’s older sister Gigi Hadid. Commentators were quick to predict apocalyptic levels of drama and set the two women against each other.

When Bella unfollowed Selena on Instagram, E! applauded the move and said she was ‘burning several bridges with one match.’ TMZ created a truly vile ‘who’d you rather’ story offering readers the chance to pick between bikini shots of the two women. US Magazine wrote an entire article about Selena posing in a G-string right after being spotted kissing The Weeknd – somehow suggesting that she’s rubbing it in – and others have suggested that she ‘used the paparazzi‘ to break the news of her new relationship.

TMZ even tried to draw Taylor Swift into the drama. Based on what evidence, you ask? She was photographed leaving the gym, which must mean that she’s working off the stress of the huge feud between her besties.

The evidence presented for any real drama is very thin; both facts are gleaned from Instagram (an unfollow by one and a probably unrelated sexy pic by the other), and to all intents and purposes it looks like Bella is getting on with her life just fine. In some seriously radical revenge tactics, she’s even doing her actual job.

Sorry Internet, but the drama between Bella and Selena is largely imaginary at this stage. Carolyn Todd over at Refinery 29 also pointed out that hyping up a war between two women and subjecting them to degrading comparisons is inappropriate. Meanwhile, The Weeknd is framed as a lucky dude and is largely left alone. Carolyn notes that Selena is being judged and slut-shamed while Bella is being portrayed as a victim – so who is the winner?

Perhaps it’s best to take a cue from Bella and get on with our lives.