As far as mother-daughter teams go, there is little we love more than moments featuring Beyoncé and Miss Blue Ivy Knowles-Carter. In hip hop slang, ‘flossing’ simply means showing off, but for Jay Z’s wife and daughter, things were a little more literal. Yesterday, Bey posted a video on her Instagram account as she and Blue kept up a healthy dental routine and, well, flossed – while wearing matching sunglasses – complete with Blue rocking a chunky gold necklace and throwing up a peace sign. The video is set to a beat, featuring ad-libs by her dad, that repeats the word ‘flossing’. It’s catchy, to say the least. And possibly how young Blue is learning how to maintain a sparkling smile.

And what do we have? Only the cutest video featuring one of our favourite toddlers at the moment (this clip of Miss North West is a worthy competitor):


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