Actress, TV host, entrepreneur and entertainment darling Boitumelo ‘Boity’ Thulo has been doing some admirable good deeds for South Africans in need lately. As the recently announced co-creator of a limited-edition range of Impulse body sprays, longstanding co-designer of the Boity x Sissy Boy range, and with a rumoured single on the way, Boity is having a good 2018. They say ‘when you feel good, you do good’, and Boity is proving this to be true, as she’s living it out by extending her good fortune to others one EWallet transfer at a time.

Known for spreading positive messages on social media, Boity has shown that she is willing to offer a helping hand when she comes across a person in need. This week, when a Twitter user sent out a plea for donations towards new school shoes and trousers, the TV personality did not hesitate to respond:

It wasn’t long after that ‘check your DM’ tweet that Clement Molobela posted a bank notification for an Ewallet transfer of R1 800 from Boity:

‘Apologies for all the victimization you had to go through. Don’t ever be afraid to ask for help. All the best with everything. God bless you. ❤’, the good samaritan responded.

In light of this, one Twitter user humorously bantered that Boity has had to step in to help as a result of Cyril Ramaphosa’s economy:

This is not the first time your favourite fitness fiend has hurried to the aid of a fan in need. In July she helped a newly employed tweep pay rent at accommodation nearby her offices. Not too long before that she had reportedly bought a student a calculator for their examinations. And just this morning she called on her followers to also assist a family whose home burnt down:

This level of generosity and goodwill is the reason Boity Thulo’s throne will never be shaken. Even as mere observers of her acts of kindness, we are grateful that celebrities like her exist.