Cassper Nyovest’s Twitter response to this tweet this morning went in with our morning coffee:

The tweet tries to introduce elements of Eurocentricity and elitism into both local and international hip-hop. It also tries to dictate what supporters can and should listen to based on their level of comfort with English – in a whole, the entire country. Some quick classism to get retweets from those who share your problematic views might seem like a good idea to increase your follower count, but he forgot that these Twitter streets stay lit. Early this morning, Cassper went in. It was pretty glorious:

The clapback slates everything, from the colonised mind-set necessary to find any humour in this tweet, to the aesthetic, while drawing our attention to the glaring RT desperation. And the rapper does it all in under 140 characters.

While this brought us delight and had us feeling ready for the day at a crisp 7.30 am, let’s not forget that Cassper has exhibited some problematic tendencies in the past. Celebrities make mistakes all the time and we all have good and bad moments – does this go some distance by way of redeeming him or not? Either way, this clapback made our morning.