When TV and radio presenter Dineo Ranaka posted a tweet of an alcoholic beverage at the end of a long day, earlier this week, she not only opened a beer, but a can of worms too. This was thanks to people who are offended by women who drink beer. This is partially because beer is generally never marketed for women, and it can also be attributed to false notions of how ‘a lady should behave.’

But we all know Ranaka’s feisty and confrontational personality would never subscribe to such. So when internet trolls tried to impose their ideas of which alcoholic beverages women should drink, she was not phased at all (along with her followers too):

Dineo Ranaka instead opted to open the debate to the floor, as she was shocked that in 2018 we still live in a society that frowns upon women who drink beer:

This sparked a trending topic of women posting pictures of themselves enjoying a cold one under the hashtag #HoldMyBeer, which trended for most of the day yesterday.

Dineo took the beer conversation to The Bridge – the radio show which she co-hosts with Lerato Kganyago on Metro FM yesterday. This debate had a positive response, as media personalities such as Lerato Sengadi also joined in the conversation.

The #HoldMyBeer hashtag went so viral that Castle Lite issued an apology to women on International Women’s Day, taking accountability for how beer advertising is responsible for the stereotypical perceptions of who should and shouldn’t drink beer.

As this weekend kicks off, we’re sure women will be unashamedly enjoying a beer or two to unwind at the end of a long week. It’s 2018, and alcoholic beverages are not assigned to any specific gender. They never were.