It was announced earlier this year that Meghan Markle’s mother, Doria Ragland, would be moving to London, something that made everyone sigh with relief – Meghan needs her mother around after the year she has had! That’s right. According to The Express, the 61-year-old yoga instructor is ‘moving to the UK’, even quitting her job as a social worker in May in preparation for the big move.

doria ragland


‘She hasn’t been staying at her house for a while now. She has only visited the house very occasionally and when she is there she has had a security guard with her.’ The source continued: ‘She is fiercely loyal to Meghan and would never betray her like the rest of them. They are so close.’

The reported move is no surprise with the two women known to be extremely close, but what is surprising is the time frame, with it emerging this week that Doria has, in fact, been living with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex over the English summer.

So does that mean she’s already moved? Maybe. We’re thrilled for Meghan that her mom is going to be close by on a more permanent basis.

Via Marie Claire UK