In a recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim Kardashian’s rapper boyfriend Kanye West went into Kim’s closet and picked 300 items of her clothing that he didn’t like, calling them ‘ghetto’. Kim decided to sell these items on eBay and donate all proceeds to Life Change Community Church. Kim’s usually flashy, LA party girl style of tight, bright clothing has been replaced with a more conservative and colourless range. Kanye filled her closet with French designer pieces and a colossal collection of Givenchy shoes.

This is not the first time Kanye has gone out to style one of his girlfriends. Yet, this time around he’s done a better job than with his previous beau, model Amber Rose, who was once decked out in a ridiculous nude snake-print body suit.

It seems that the “Graduation” rapper has power over his girlfriends’ style and changes it to fit his own: rather obsessive and mildly psychotic, no? Since meeting and dating Amber Rose in 2009, West has styled her for numerous awards shows, events, that year’s October issue of Elle magazine and even their first date. It seems like just another way of exerting power over women – though not as violent or hateful as Chris Brown. The egotistic rapper seems to suck the colour out of every woman’s wardrobe and none of them retaliate.

Kanye’s obsession with styling and never being photographed without the woman he’s styled extends to his tendency to be clingy with the women he dates. Amber Rose commented on this at The Wendy Williams Show, stating that for the two years that she dated Kanye, she never went home to her family, quite similarly the same thing is happening with Kim Kardashian. Just like Kim, Amber was into bright and statement colours, all of which soon vanished after the two became a couple. Both Amber and Kim have been defined by their daring and individual styles, all of which soon changed as well as the amount of time they spend with their families after hooking up with the rapper and giving up their sense of self-expression.

Other artists that have occasionally sported matching outfits include Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez and Jay Z and Beyoncé, who make this trend seem cute, unlike Kanye and his league of extraordinary makeovers seems to. I believe in colour co- ordination for special events but making it something you do as a couple, every single day, is a bit concerning and strange.

Zethu Gqola, CT intern


Pictures via Zimbio.