Since Beyoncé debuted the first little sneek peak on her Instagram profile seven months ago, we have been constantly teased and treated to trailers, clips, music videos and behind-the-scenes footage of 50 Shades of Grey.

While the footage we’ve seen has adequately allowed us to experience the sexual tension in the movie and heighten our anticipation to watch it, the details about the actual sex (ie. the main reason we’re watching this thing) have been scarce.

One of the clips that aired at the end of January gave us a brief glimpse of a sex scene at the 0.41 second mark. Still, not much to go on.


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Now, less than two weeks away from the film’s release, reports have finally revealed that 50 Shade of Grey contains 20 minutes of sex. This makes up one fifth of the entire movie and is made up by 12 different sex scenes. These numbers make it the mainstream film with the most sex to have been released in the past 10 years.

Seems like the movie could be doing the sex scenes in the books justice. We’re counting down the days till it comes out!