Meghan Markle is not only one of the most talked-about women in the world, she is also one of the most liked. Why? Because deep down, she’s just a normal person.

That’s right – the former Suits actress may be a duchess but Meghan is still herself, from her normal TV habits, cool Instagrammable holidays (with George and Amal Clooney but still), her love of dogs and her dependency on emojis.

One thing that Meghan certainly doesn’t seem to be changing, no matter how little time she has, is writing thank-you letters. The duchess is sending out thank-you cards to everyone who wished her a happy 37th birthday last month.

The cards, fronted by a photo of a smiling Meghan greeting fans, were sent out by Kensington Palace.

‘The Duchess of Sussex is so touched you took the trouble to write as you did on the occasion of her 37th birthday,’ the card reads. ‘It really was most thoughtful of you and Her Royal Highness sends you her heartfelt thanks and best wishes.’

This isn’t the first time that Meghan has sent out thank-you letters since becoming a duchess, with Meghan and Harry sending royal thank-you cards to everyone who gave the couple congratulatory letters. ‘The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been overwhelmed by all the incredibly kind cards and letters they have received on the occasion of their wedding, and are so touched that you took the trouble to write as you did,’ the thank-you notes are said to read. ‘It really was most thoughtful of you and greatly appreciated by Their Royal Highnesses, who send you their very best wishes.’

The sweet note is accompanied by a black-and-white photo of the couple from their wedding day, taken by their official photographer, Alexi Lubomirski.

Maybe we should try sending them some post.

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Via Marie Claire UK