Moonchild Sanelly has always been a sex-positive voice, and the musician is taking it further by allegedly opening a sex club in Johannesburg at the end of this month. A self-professed advocate for sexual liberation and more specifically the female orgasm, Moonchild wants to create a safe space for sexual expression.

According to Channel24, she explained: ‘I want people to be proud of sex and to stop being so ashamed of it… There will be a room where people can go have sex but those who want to have sex while everyone is watching will also be allowed’. No cameras or phones will be permitted inside the membership-only club to protect members’ privacy and prevent people from posting footage to social media.

The Citizen reports that Moonchild got the idea when she was overseas and has almost completed the necessary documentation for the opening. The official club opening will take place on 20 November. The audience will be treated to naked performances by the artist and will also be required to be naked themselves. The space will celebrate nudity, include discussions about sexual gratification and facilitate the selling of sex toys.

Moonchild has emphasised the importance of consent in this club setting:

‘No one will be allowed to touch or kiss someone without their permission. Those who break the rules will be forcefully escorted out of the venue.’

In a recent series of Instagram video posts, the artist speaks extensively on sexual liberation, body positivity and educating the youth about sex:

‘Women are scared to ask for what they want because we’re in a society where we’re taught that is wrong. How is that wrong? We come from sex.’ – Moonchild Sanelly.

We can’t wait to see how this space will develop!