Julia Anastasopoulos, the star behind the exuberant personalities Suzelle DIY and Tali Babes has announced that she’s expecting a baby, and we couldn’t be more excited. In a heart-warming picture on her Instagram page, Julia stands on a rock at Chapman’s Peak, looking radiant, holding her baby bump.



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We’re so used to seeing her crazy characters on YouTube and other social media platforms, that we hardly recognised Julia in her beautiful summer dress and sandals. In our January/February edition of Marie Claire we sat down with Julia to talk about life as one of South Africa’s favourite entertainers – the perks, the challenges and what it takes to bring these larger-than-life characters to the screen.



Julia as one of her most famous characters, Suzelle DIY. Photograph by Adriaan Oosthuizen

Her latest project, Tali’s Wedding Diary, which is available to stream on Showmax, is a hilarious mockumentary about a bridezilla planning her wedding day. This got us talking about her own wedding with Ari Kruger in March last year.



Julia as the Jozi darling, Tali Babes. Photograph by Gareth Wiese

In our exclusive interview, Julia told us much she loves children. ‘When parents send me videos of their daughters dressed up as Suzelle doing little DIY projects, that means the world to me,’ she said. ‘And it makes all the long hours worth it.’ It made us wonder if she would eventually want a break from the entertainment industry and focus on having her own children. Her only response was a shy laugh, telling us ‘it’s definitely a possibility.’ Hmm…

Congratulations, Julia!