It is generally accepted and understood by all people in attendance at a wedding – especially bridesmaids – that your goal is to make the bride feel like she is the prettiest, luckiest, most special person in the room.

If you asked us whether we thought that’s possible to do when you’re Rihanna, we would have probably laughed. It’s difficult to think of anything that would make us feel more insecure as a bride than having Rihanna as a bridesmaid. Have you seen this? Or this?

But Rihi’s assistant Jennifer Rosales put this theory to the test when she had Rihanna as a bridesmaid at her wedding this week. And surprisingly, from what we saw on Instagram, the Bad Girl was exemplary. Here’s the evidence:

The bride and groom chose to have their wedding on 20 April and had an accordingly themed 420 wedding. (see cakepops)

rihanna bridesmaid

As a bridesmaid, Rihanna embraced the theme fully and was hitting up a joint before the celebrations even began. She also seemed very happy to wear a satin bridesmaid gown, even though it clashed with her socks.

rihanna bridesmaid bride

As the ceremony began, she obliged to be in the bridal procession, linking arms with a groomsman who seemed to stare at her all the way down the aisle.

#Davis420wedding 1❤️

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She took the obligatory photos with guests that she clearly did not GAF about. Also, can we talk about how she even manages to make the ugly shade of lilac reserved for bridesmaids look amazing?

rihanna bridesmaid guest

She made the bride and groom’s couple slideshow and corresponding speech, which she posted on Instagram, of course.  Who knew Rihi was an Ellie Goulding fan?

And most importantly, she made sure the bride was having the time of her life.

Bride to be @jennnrosales

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