Viola Davis and Kerry Washington have been dropping hints on social media about a crossover episode between Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder, and we’re already geeking out over a few scenes we’d love to see.

Nothing has been confirmed, but the clues of a crossover are clearer than Annalise Keating’s favourite bottle of vodka. Scandal’s leading lady Kerry Washington piqued our interest when she dropped this post of Olivia Pope on the set of HTGAWM:

Hey Ms @violadavis ❤️ check it out. This spot look familiar?! Where are you?

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To which Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) responded:

Hey @KerryWashington, guess where I am?!

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But Shonda Rhimes’ latest IG post, which has now been reposted by both actresses, officially has us playing out more scenes we’d love to see later this season:

Here are five things we’re hoping might happen on How To Get Away With Scandal:

1. A mentor/mentee moment between Olivia Pope and Michaela Pratt

Michaela (Aja Naomi King) has been desperately seeking a career role model, a mentor and pretty much any woman of colour who will act as a mother figure to her. Both her adoptive mother and Annalise Keating have failed her.

Michaela has Tegan Price (Amirah Vann) for now, but maybe Miss Pope is more of what she needs.

2. Annalise and Olivia cleaning up each other’s mess

They have both killed. And if it were absolutely necessary for either of these powerhouses to do so again, how would they cover it up for each other?


3. A necessary conversation between Mellie Grant and Annalise Keating

Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young) is very good at delivering monologues intended to sober up the ears her words land on.

Ms Keating’s tough love is equally ear-piercing. And given that they both have somewhat similar experiences when it comes to love and loss, an exchange between them would make for good small-screen drama.

4. A Wes Gibbins and James return

James (Dan Bucatinsky) was Cyrus’ (Jeff Perry) husband who was shot in season 3 of Scandal. Not only was the actor Dan Bucatinsky blindsided by this sudden death, but so were we (along with Cyrus). And we’re still not over it.

It’s also safe to say that with every new HTGAWM episode we silently hope that Wes will grace our screens again with a very good explanation for his disappearance, but alas.

If this crossover episode is full of possibilities, may this be one of them? Please?

5. Olivia Pope and Annalise Keating dancing it out

… like Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang.

There’s no telling whether they’ll be the best of friends, but a feel-good moment like this would definitely be a treat.