Siya and Rachel Kolisia have appeared in their first TV interview as a married couple and given us a glimpse at the real life behind all their adorable instagram posts.

The Stormers captain and Rachel appeared on Real Talk with Anele where they shared the story of how they met, and it’s unconventional. Siya made good on the phrase “slid into the dms” when he sent Rachel, who he’d only met briefly but not spoken to, a Facebook message saying simply “hey”. She had him in the friendzone for a while before being won over and the two have been head-over-heels ever since.

It’s always a treat to see these two together, partly because they’re so obsessed with each other and it’s very cute, and partly because we know how much they’ve had to endure just by being a couple.  The two are very public about their love, lives and family on their instagrams, and we took a chance to look back on some of their loved-up and most envy-inducing moments:

Every time that Rachel is her husband’s number one fan, including this one:

The time Siya wanted to prove to Rachel that *he* was the better date-planner of the two, so took her on a helicopter and proposed to her on it. She said she could barely hear what he was saying over the noise in the helicopter and he said the ride itself was terrifying, but it was all worth it in the end when she said ‘yes’.


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The time they made us feel better by showing that not every moment of even their wedding will be perfectly instagram-able.

Catch my bestie and i on @topbillingtv tonight and the repeat on sunday, should be something like this pic ☝

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The time Siya told his wife (and the whole world) to have a good day.

That time they shared a #tbt of them being cute before they knew this was a forever thing.

Those two had no idea they’d be getting married. In 1 month my best friend becomes my husband. #tb #bff

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The time Rachel made Siya a cheesey happy birthday video but earned back some cool points by setting it to Miguel.

That time she just loved his smile.

I absolutely adore this smile. I can not possibly explain how grateful i am for you. Happy Birthday my love. ❤

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Okay, this isn’t so much couple goals as it is family goals but Rachel cheering on their insanely cute kid and Siya doing push ups together is just too sweet.

❤️❤️Daddy’s boy

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