We always show you some of the most exquisite celebrity outfits, so we decided to round-up some of the ugliest, strangest celebrity outfits ever. Here goes:

 Okay, so Lady Gaga could probably make-up this entire list. Yet, I decided to include her most famous and most talked about outfit, the meat dress.

People are still talking about Bjork’s swan dress.

American Express Gold Card Oscar dress worn by costume designer Lizzy Gardiner.

I know it was the ’90s, but Geena Davis sure didn’t pull off this mullet dress.

Fergie…um, what can we say?

Who can forget Madonna’s cone bra outfit?

Robyn at the Grammy’s. Not her best look.

Nicki Minaj’s craziest outfit to date for sure.

Whoopi Goldberg’s unflattering ‘skort’ at the Oscars.

Uma Thurman looks like Little Bo Peep without the lamb.

Pics via Getty.