In some good news for your Friday, Trevor Noah will be on South African TV screens soon. He is teaming up with M-Net to launch a 13-part TV series in 2018, called Trevor Noah Presents. The show will showcase young comedic talent in South Africa. Trevor said he’s always wanted to give young comedians the opportunity to connect with their audience, and that he supports young comedians doing comedy in different languages. We love that’s he’s supporting other comedians on the come-up.

The comedian is currently in the country doing stand up shows in Johannesburg and Durban this month. He has received criticism that tickets for There’s a Gupta on My Stoep are too expensive. Tickets cost between R450 and R1500, and apparently Trevor has acknowledged that the tickets are pricey but said  South Africans need ‘to learn to value our own’. Trevor knows his worth, guys.

He also addressed the double standard:  South Africans are willing to pay to see international acts, but reluctant to support their own talent. ‘In South Africa,  for a long time, we’ve had that attitude of “these tickets are expensive”…for a South African. And yet for an international I don’t see anybody complaining about the price of their tickets when it’s four thousand, five thousand rand.’

He also spoke to the importance of supporting and developing South African industries: ‘We have to build the industries here. I’m hiring South African production companies. I’m hiring local camera crews. I’m aware that it can be expensive and I’m always grateful. I say thank you to my fans and I also know I will make it worth your while.’

We cannot wait for Trevor’s new TV show and, at this stage, this world class comedian should not have to prove that his talent is worth our money. Trevor has been all over the airwaves since he touched down in Mzansi, and while he’s clearly made it in the big time he’s staying relatable – he recently opened up about his experiences with depression.