First, there was the rumoured Coachella kissing, then there was the Cannes Film Festival PDA. A movie date followed and now it looks like Bella Hadid and The Weeknd (real name Abel Tesfaye) are most definitely back together and don’t care who knows it. The pair, who broke up in November 2016 after a year of dating, were spotted in Paris – yes, the city of love – on a lunch date, before strolling the streets together arm in arm.

Though they are yet to publicly comment on their reconciliation, Bella and Abel have come about as close to it as any millennial couple does at the start of a budding relationship: posting Instagrams directed at one another, without going as far as to include a full-blown couple pic (as we all know, that part comes later).

First, Bella posted a photo with roses in her mouth the same evening as Abel was spotted carrying the very same roses while walking down the street in Paris. The Weeknd also posted an Insta Story featuring the same bottle of tomato sauce Bella puts on her head in the second photo above, so you know they were at dinner together.

The ‘Starboy’ singer then went one step further, posting a Story of Bella holding a sugar packet labelled ‘Sugar Daddy.’

While you can’t see the model’s face, those nails (and the fact that they’ve been inseparable in the past few days) are pretty telling.

Via Marie Claire Australia.