She was on our screens every weekday for two years on SABC 3, hosting Real Talk with Anele, while also making us laugh and sometimes cry on the 947 Breakfast Club show. Before that, she hosted and sat on panels on a number of TV shows, as well as being one half of the 5FM duo Grant and Anele years ago. Her consistent status as booked and busy is a testament to how much she excels both on the airwaves and in front of the camera. What a rewarding fave.

Our love for award-winning media personality Anele Mdoda has been long and enduring. We feel she doesn’t get nearly the amount of praise she deserves – so here goes. Whether you’re the leader of the free world, an artist or you work in Accounts at a mid-sized corporation, there are three qualities all successful and likable people have in common. They show continuous improvement, consistency and have an infectious laugh. One South African entertainer that embodies all three and has a 10-year career as proof is Anele.



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Beyond having a beautiful toothy grin and a natural charm about her, Anele seems like she’d be a fantastic best friend to have. She’s funny, possesses a quick wit and has an amazing closet. What further prompts this appreciation of Anele is that she has achieved and maintained mainstream success without necessarily fitting the mould of how an ‘it-girl’ looks. For this reason, her presence adds much-needed depth and texture to South Africa’s often narrow entertainment industry.

It’s one thing for plus-sized women to make it in the entertainment industry, but a whole different thing altogether for this to happen in primetime slots and for them to have as much control of their own narrative as Anele seems to have. She even managed to hide a pregnancy with her now two-year-old son Alakhe from the public until she was ready for us to know.

Anele’s visibility is affirming for many people who feel like their brand of pretty isn’t always the celebrated kind. ‘Plus size’ is not even a central part of brand Anele – she goes about her business, creates great quality TV and radio and just so happens to wear bigger jeans.

We can’t wait to see what her next move is going to be. If what we’ve seen so far is anything to go by, she’ll absolutely show it who’s boss.