The royal family loves their tiaras, and a wedding look wouldn’t be complete without one. Kate Middleton’s Cartier wedding tiara was an important heirloom, and Meghan Markle also borrowed hers from the Queen.

But while Meghan and Kate are allowed to pimp their gowns with the accessory as often as they like, Princess Eugenie isn’t officially allowed to – yet.

According to ancient royal protocol, only married women are allowed to wear tiaras – and even then never during the day, only for an evening do.

Which is why Princess Eugenie technically can’t wear one on her wedding day (and Fergie didn’t wear a wedding tiara), however this is likely to be waived – as it was for both Kate and Meghan, and in fact most other royal brides.

Etiquette expert Grant Harold told the BBC, ‘Flashy diamonds and tiaras are not worn during the day, and only married ladies wear tiaras. For married ladies, it was a sign of status and would show you were taken and not looking for a husband.’

He continued, ‘For the gentlemen, it was a clear sign not to make advances toward the lady in question.’

Well if a princess can’t wear a tiara on her wedding day, something’s not right.

Via Marie Claire UK