So, I loved the first Sex and the City movie but found the sequel disappointing… and now I hear that there is a possible prequel to the Sex and the City franchise in store. It is rumoured that Candice Bushnell’s novels, The Carrie Diaries and Summer in the City, will be adapted by Michael Patrick King, who has been involved in all aspects of creating and endorsing the Sex and the City brand.

Some might have thought they had seen enough of Bradshaw’s antics, but this film plans to let us in on Carrie’s high school and early New York life and off course her first fabulous fashion moments. I can’t help but wonder what will it hold for Carrie Bradshaw’s wardrobe and her city? I’m sure we will be inspired and amazed by what stylist Patricia Field comes up with for Carrie, this time from the 70’s.

Who is first choice to play young Carrie? None other than Gossip Girl beauty and Christian Louboutin muse, Blake Lively. Though this has not been confirmed, I think she’s the right girl for the Manolo’s. But who will play young Carrie’s trusty sidekicks? Maybe Amy Adams as Miranda?

Marisa Crous – Cape Town Intern