When a picture of Zodwa Rebecca Libram’s daring black dress at the Durban July went viral in 2017, she quickly established herself as a household name, earning dancing gigs all over South Africa and the rest of Africa when DJ Tira took her under his wing. Wabantu (which loosely translates to ‘people’s person’) is now known as a proud daredevil, rule-breaker, and badass entertainer who challenges respectability politics imposed on her at every turn.

In 2017 Zodwa Wabantu won Drama Queen of the Year Award at the 9th Annual Feather Awards in 2017, where she gave a bold acceptance speech, maintaining that her priority is not to make industry friends, but rather to make money. She also used the opportunity to address a few whisperings…

The keen Savanna cider sipper may be controversial to some, but she represents what it means to be a carefree black woman who owns her body at a time when several African countries are still conservative. As a result, Miss Libram’s sultry dance moves had her deported from Zambia earlier this year when her exhibitionism and ‘pantyless’ performances were deemed offensive to Zambia’s ‘national values’. Before this incident, the entertainer was banned from performing in Zimbabwe by Zimbabwean government officials on the grounds that her act had ‘immoral overtones.’ But ban after ban, the life of the party remains unperturbed.

So surely what we’d all love to know is where Zodwa gets all the ammo to shut down her naysayers every time without even getting tired. We spoke to her and found out that the truth is that this energetic entertainer lives by the following four positive affirmations:

1.’In life there is no good example. I’m just living my life. No one is perfect – it’s just that I express myself freely.’


2. ‘Whatever has been thrown at me doesn’t dent my spirit because I know who I am. I’d rather share my struggles and my pain with God.’


3. ‘It’s okay to love. It’s okay to hate. It’s all in the nature of life.’


4. ‘I’m a business woman aside from being an artist, so I’m not scared of anything. When I wake up I pray.’

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