This week, Marie Claire New Naked star Zodwa Wabantu reminded us why she is our #bodypositiveinspo for life, when she clapped back at trolls on a recent post. The entertainer was a natural choice for our #DearBody campaign, with her truly authentic, humorous and always-insightful views on loving herself.

The post is a video of the singer dancing on stage in heels and a fringe dress:


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You wanna be free like Zodwa Wabantu? ❤❤❤

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Safe to say her daring outfit choice inspired many comments – some positive:

Instagram: @zodwalibram

Instagram: @zodwalibram

And some (obviously), not so much. Comments like ‘cover your booty’ inspired some choice comebacks, our favourites being…

When a fan asked if she was pregnant:

Instagram: @zodwalibram

When a follower asked her to cover her booty:

Instagram: @zodwalibram

Her clapbacks are excellent reminders of how to deal with internet trolls. Don’t let ’em get to you, honey, block and keep doing you.

But it’s not all negative. Zodwa responds to her fans’ positive feedback and questions with lots of hearts and good advice, too:

Instagram: @zodwalibram

Zodwa’s Instagram feed is a no-nonsense, fresh, body-positive light on a platform that can sometimes meld into a homogenous ‘aesthetic’. It is a perfect example of a woman taking ownership of her body and shining, thereby enabling others to embrace their bodies and shine their own light of positivity. Call it a self-love chain reaction!

Zodwa Wabantu is featured in the Marie Claire Naked Issue, on shelves now. Get your copy to see Zodwa as you’ve never seen her before, and read her #DearBody letter online here.