Trigger warning: rape, sexual assault, sexual violence



Crisis Service
082 557 0880

Campus Security
021 808 2333

Tygerberg Campus
021 938 9507

Human Resources Wellness Programme
021 808 4824
Address: Employee Wellness Human Resources Department Admin C Building, Victoria Street Stellenbosch

University guidelines for dealing with rape and sexual assault of students

The university says:

‘Stellenbosch University has long taken a firm stance against all forms of sexual misconduct and violence against women. The Rector’s Management Team (RMT) has therefore noted with concern recent claims about a “rape culture” at the institution, and has decided to appoint a Task Team on Alleged Sexual Offences to urgently look into the matter and make the necessary recommendations.”


Sexual Assault Response Team
072 393 7824

Campus Protection Services
021 650 2222/3
Address: Burnage House, opposite Rosebank College, Woolsack Drive, Rosebank

24-hour SMS line for anonymous messages
072 393 7824

Discrimination Harassment Office (Discho)
021 650 3530
Address: Discrimination & Harassment Office, The Cottage, Lovers’ Walk, Lower Campus South

University guidelines for dealing with rape and sexual assault of students

The university says:

‘The University of Cape Town’s Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) comprises members of the university community, community-based organisations, South African Police Service (SAPS), health practitioners, student representatives and survivors. SART is a survivor-centred, collaborative and multidisciplinary team that is open to accommodating the voices of all who are affected by sexual violence on campus and is designed to empower the university community with the knowledge and skills to effectively respond to and prevent sexual violence (including sexual harassment).’


Campus Protection Security (24 hours)
021 959 3777
Address: Robert Sobukwe Rd, Bellville (across from the School of Government)

Gender Equity Unit
021 959 2812
082 455 9855

University guidelines for dealing with rape and sexual assault of students 

The university says:

‘The University’s Sexual Harassment Policy is currently being reviewed. Prof Pamela Dube, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Student Development and Support is spearheading this process, in conjunction with the Gender Equity Unit, the Proctor’s Office and the Student Representative Council. The input of all students is paramount to the review process. Students and staff are encouraged to report any incidence of rape or sexual harassment to the Gender Equity and to provide statements to help the university to identify the alleged perpetrators. Any sexual assault case must be based on evidence and the process of gathering evidence is crucial. Without statements and evidence, perpetrators of sexual violence cannot be prosecuted. Key individuals at the university have already undergone training on counselling of victims, rape kits, the preservation and transport of medical evidence and liaising with the Sexual Offences Division of the South African Police Services. We will continuously ensure the further training of all persons involved in this process and to embark on an institutional – wide educational awareness campaign. The University endeavours to create a safe campus where all our students and staff can learn, live and work, free from abuse and prejudice. Break the silence on rape and sexual assault.’


Student Counselling Centre

Bellville Campus
021 959 6182
Address: Library Extension Building, First Floor

Cape Town Campus
021 460 3237
Address: Administration Building, room 2.7

Campus Security

Bellville Campus
021 959 6301 or 021 959 6550
Address: Behind Richard Sacco Residence, opposite administration building

Cape Town Campus
021 460 3122
021 460 3631
Address: Opposite Commerce Building, First Floor Administration Building

University guidelines for dealing with rape and sexual assault of students



Crisis Service (24 hours)
0800 006 428
Address: Hatfield Campus, cnr Lynnwood Road and Roper Street (across from Engineering 3)

UP Careline
0800 747 747

Advisors on sexual harassment:
Emma Matjila
012 420 6245

Bes Liebenberg
012 420 2119

Dr Maud Ntanjana
012 420 4002

Student Representative Council member
012 420 6554

Student Support Student Centre
o12 420 4002
Address: Hatfield Campus, cnr Lynnwood Road and Roper Street (across from Student Centre, Humanities)

Student Support Mamelodi Campus
012 842 3417
072 606 5623
Address: Education Building Room 11-205

Legal services
012 420 3073
Address: Admin Building, Room 5-4, Hatfield Campus

University guidelines for dealing with rape and sexual assault of students

The university says:

‘The University is rolling out an anti-sexual harassment campaign aimed at staff and students. The aim of this campaign, titled #SpeakOutUP (, is to increase awareness relating to sexual harassment and sexual assault. The campaign is also aimed at mobilising the entire university community in an effort to combat sexual harassment on or near our campuses.’


Campus security (24 hours)

012 382 6387
Address: Control Room at the main gate

012 382 9039

012 382 0598

012 382 5101
Location: Building 4, ground floor


Gender Equity Office (GEO)
011 717 9790
8am-4.30pm Monday to Friday
Address: 20th Floor, University Corner, corner Jorissen Street and Jan Smuts Avenue (the building above the Wits Art Museum), Braamfontein

Campus security
011 717 4444/6666

University guidelines for dealing with rape and sexual assault of students

The university says:

‘The Gender Equity Office takes a holistic approach to all aspects of sexual harassment. Our work includes advocacy, which aims to make all parts of WITS aware of the GEO and what the correct protocols are for sexual harassment. Our advocacy campaign involves ambush lectures. A lecturer invites us in and the students are not aware beforehand, so that we have a captive audience. We also participate in campaigns like Red My Lips and the Silent protest. The aim is to sensitise people to Gender Based Harm (we use this term because it includes the harm of sexism, not only violence), and to make would be perpetrators aware that we have a machinery that we are ready and willing to use. We want to send a message that at WITS we do not tolerate sexual assault or any kind of Gender Based Harm. Our most important priority is to support people who have experienced gender based harm, regardless of what happened or who did it and whether or not it happened on campus.” – Jackie Dugard, the Director of the Gender Equity Office at Wits University


Protective services (all 24 hours):

Kingsway Campus
011 559 2555
Address: Corner Kingsway and University Road, Auckland Park​ (Ground Floor, Madibeng Building)

Banting Road campus
011 559 1312/1076
Address: Auckland Park Bunting Road Campus (Opposite student centre, next to Research Village)

Soweto Campus
011 559 5555
Address: Old Potch Road, Soweto​ (Ground Floor, Admin building)

Doornfontein Campus
011 559 6540
Address: ​Corner Siemert and Beit Streets, Doornfontein​ (Next to the main gate)

University guidelines for dealing with rape and sexual assault of students




This is the centre that responds to emergencies on campus and also offers counselling to students. InGryp is recommended as the first line of reporting sexual assault on campus.

018 299 1777 (Line is open 24 hours and offices are open from 8am-5pm during term)
Address: Building E14, Main Campus

Protection Services
018 299 22 11
Address: Main Campus, Building F17

Mafikeng Campus

Crime hotline (free) 34151
Campus clinic 018 389 2223

Potchefstroom Campus

Protection Services 018 299 2215/2211

Vaal Triangle Campus

Student Counseling and Development 016 910 3192

Thuso crisis line 082 815 9781

The university says:

‘The emergency cluster of North West University follows a multidisciplinary approach in dealing with any sexual offense against students, staff or visitors to the campus. In close cooperation with the South African Police Service and various Rape Crisis Centres, the university endeavours to provide emotional, emergency medical and procedural support to victims/survivors of any crime, including sexual offenses. Our staff members are trained to render professional services to each individual case with the required sensitivity and confidentiality. The university’s emergency protocol ensures that students and staff have access to free professional services regardless of where the sexual offense took place and consists of a network of internal and external service providers to ensure that victims of sexual offenses has access to protective services, emergency medical services, psychological services, social services, police follow-up and primary health care.’



Campus Protection Unit (24 hours)
046 603 8146
Address: University Road, next to Hobson Hall below the Psychology Clinic

Counselling and Wellness Centre (8am-5pm)
046 603 7070
Address: 2nd floor, Bantu Stephen Biko Building, Prince Albert Street

Crisis Line (24 hours)
082 803 0177

University guidelines for dealing with rape and sexual assault of students

The university says:

‘Rhodes University is committed to confronting and addressing the scourge of sexual and gender-based violence in our university and beyond. Through the various awareness campaigns such as the “We believe you” campaign (formerly known as the Silent Protest), we continue to work with all individuals and groups that share our vision of a safe and secure university campus in which sexual and gender-based violence has no place. Through the Counselling and Wellness Centre on campus, we have support systems in place for the survivors of sexual and gender-based violence where we strive to provide timely, empathetic and caring support for any of our staff and students who may fall victim to such a traumatic experience. Processes are also in place to find more ways to eradicate the scourge of sexual assault on our campuses and support anyone one who experiences it. The university has also taken measures to deal with sexual violence‚ including awareness campaigns, sensitivity training initiatives improving security measures on campus and most importantly, the establishment of a task team to look into the matter. The task team has released draft recommendations – among them is that gender-based violence must be embedded in the curriculum.’


Campus control (24 hours)
040 602 2243
Address: Alice Campus, Ring Road, Alice (next to Wesley residence and behind Great Hall)


Organisational Transformation and Equity
041 504 2612

24-hour helpline
082 428 5009

Campus Protection Services

South Campus
041 504 2482
Address: Opposite NFSA building

North Campus
041 504 2342
Address: A Block, ground floor, room 0051

Second Avenue Campus
041 504 3710
Address: Main building, ground floor

Missionvale Campus
041 504 1231
Address: Cafeteria, Info Room, ground floor

University guidelines for dealing with rape and sexual assault of students

The university says:

‘Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) is committed to uphold the principles enshrined in Chapter 2 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa (1996), which promotes the rights of all people of South Africa and affirms the democratic values of human dignity, equality and freedom. NMMU strives to create an environment where all staff and students can safely pursue their studies, work, business transactions and social interactions, free from sexual harassment. Sexual harassment constitutes a very serious offence, which will result in disciplinary action, and will not be tolerated within the NMMU.’



Student Counselling and Development Centre
051 401 2853
Address: Health and Counselling Building 1st Floor, Kovsie Avenue

Protection Services (24-hour line)
051 401 2634
051 401 2911

Bloemfontein Campus
051 401 2911/2634

Qwaqwa Campus
058 718 5000

South Campus
051 401 2911/2634



Student support services

031 260 3653/3532

Howard College
031 260 2668
Address: 3rd floor, Desmond Clarence building

033 260 5233
Address: Admin Building, ground floor, Main Campus

031 260 7087
Address: second floor, OR Tambo building

Risk Management Services

031 260 3462/3493

Howard College
031 260 2540/2542

Medical School
031 260 2540/2542

033 260 5211/6215

031 260 7133/7265

University guidelines for dealing with rape and sexual assault of students

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