Since so many fashion blogs are created every single day, we decided to make your life easier by selecting the crème de la crème. From daily style to beauty inspiration, here are 10 international fashion bloggers you may not be following yet but definitely should.

1.  Caroline Daur, Germany   

Caroline started taking pictures when she was only a teenager. Since being discovered, the 22-year-old blogger has covered Vogue Japan, L’officiel Germany, and Grazia Italy.  She’s starred in a campaign for Dior, designed her own signature lipstick with MAC, and so much more. With over a million followers on Instagram, she never fails to come up with new fashion inspiration.

2.  Gala Gonzalez, NY

The New York-based influencer, DJ and designer from Spain has an indefinable style and just gets it right every time. And we keep wanting more.


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3.  Andy Torres, Mexico  

She’s a fashion icon and source of inspiration, and the fashion blogger from Mexico started her own brand AIT, and we’re obsessed.

💘 #paris #ootd

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4.  Camille Charrière, UK

The French blogger may have decided to move to London but she lost none of her French fashion flare. She also has a great eye for art and fashion photography. She’s the Instagram friend you’ve been looking for.


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5)  Gizele Oliveira, Brazil   

The ‘It’ girl by definition, Gizele Oliveira is an international model and Instagram star.


6)  Soo Joo Park, South Korea

A worldwide famous model and the new face of L’Oréal. Can’t beat her.

RIP my fave hat 📸 @jason.jean

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7)  Erika Boldrin, Italy

If you’re looking for the trendiest Italian fashion bloggers, Erika Boldrin should be on your list.

Afternoon in Venice. Cali

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8)  Asiyami Gold, Nigeria 

Who else but the ravishing Asiyami Gold? Her Instagram account combines fashion, design, art and travel with a good dose of creativity.

It’s easy to get caught up in the hamster wheel that is “keeping up with life”. At times it may seem like a waste of our precious time, but it’s important to take occasional breaks. I always dedicate the beginning of my year to myself, my loved ones, and planning for the year ahead. After spending a couple of weeks with my father and loved ones, I feel more spiritually sound and alive. Looking forward to taking on the rest of the year with the same energy I currently feel. A lot of us are excited about 2018, for me this year is about intentions, having better discernment, investing, building, and growing. Hope the year has been good to you all thus far. Do everything within your power to maintain the same energy you started off the year with. Happy new month 🙂 📷: @amfoconnolly #seeingafricadifferently

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9)  Sophia Roe, Denmark

Not to be missed: your daily dose of Scandinavian style. You’re welcome.

Can’t wait for spring to come… Photo by @thelocals for @voguemagazine

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10) Katie Sturino, USA

‘A size-12 girl living in a size-2 world’ is Katie Sturino’s motto. The New Yorker fashion blogger is also the founder of Megababe.