So last week I brought back memories of ’80s pop star Mercy Phakela who sang about a pair of Converse All Stars which did not quite fit her right. While I have never experienced this with my pair of Converse, I could certainly relate to the blessing and the curse of being terrorised by a pair of shoes you treasure. However, I cannot fully subscribe to a life of painful feet everyday, because I would still like to be able to walk when I’m 85. This is why I’ve decided to pick up a sneaker habit this autumn/winter. Yes, kicks, amatekkie, sneaks in all their comfort and quirkiness.

Sneakers to shop this winter


Sneakers to shop this winter


I’m no hypebeast nor an avid sneakerhead – as a result I’m not even particularly loyal to one activewear brand (you’ll soon find out below). I do, however appreciate the allure of trendy comfort which fashionable trainers possess. The instant edge an otherwise safe ensemble gains when you complete it with a bold pair of sneakers is worth the investment too.  Plus, luxury brands’ reimagination of ‘dad trainers’ has ushered in a new appreciation of offbeat style. I mean, have I stopped planning outfits around the new Louis Vuitton Archlight sneakers that I don’t actually own? No, not really. And I’ll do it again tomorrow.

Louis Vuitton archlight sneakers



Although I haven’t bought an on-trend pair since my pink and black Nike Air Max trainers, and I’d like to believe that’s most likely because my style evolved ever-so-slightly since the Air Max heydays, I’m now on a mission to ‘squeak some takkie’ again. (Even if it’s not these terrifyingly beautiful Louis Vuitton trainers). With just an uber feminine pair of satin sneakers from Zara and a neglected pair of classic white All Stars, I have to lower my head and admit that the sneaker section of my shoe cupboard is scantily stocked. I plan on changing that slowly but surely – starting with these must-have sneaks on my list:

1. PICHULIK x Superga high fashion sneakers

Photographer: Anthony Bila

An unlikely marriage between South African jewellery brand PICHULIK and Italian sneaker brand Superga, yet one that works nonetheless. Superga marketing manager Katy Ward says ‘Superga has done many collaborations with fashion designers and I realised that it was time to step it up a notch by working with a jewellery designer.’

‘The idea that these two brands could work in one piece and not just one outfit inspired me to get in touch with Katherine and that was the beginning of a fun, original and seamless creative process! It felt like an inspired co-design rather than a redesign,’ said Ward of why she chose to approach PICHULIK founder Katherine-Mary Pichulik.

This collaboration offers three different pairs of women’s kicks, which all designed to encapsulate the nostalgia of three cities; Istanbul, Portofino, and New York.

I’ll take a R1399 flight ticket to New York, please!

Pichulik x Superga

Shop your favourite pair online from Superga.

2. A pop of colour

Bright sneakers to shop this winter


I wear a lot of monochrome outfits and every now and then I like to add a pop of colour, especially in the form of red shoes. But as the temperatures drop to degrees lower than Busiswa’s vosho this winter, I’m going to need to invest in a bright pair of rubber-soled shoes to keep my feet warm. Right now I’m currently coveting the Adidas Originals Gazelle in pink. This bestseller is ideal for the office and and my unpredictable weekend schedule.

R979 from Superbalist

Adidas originals

3. Classic white sneakers

white sneakers to shop this winter


Ah yes, the Kendall Jenner of sneakers – very simple, quietly confident, yet strikingly beautiful when styled correctly. White sneakers can be high fashion on some days, and the epitome of casual on any other day. This is why a sneaker collection is not complete without a pristine white pair of kicks. I have my eye on this pair of plain white sneaks:

Reebok Freestyle Hi, R999 from Superbalist

Reebok Freestyle hi-tops

I guess now you know where I’ll be come payday weekend.

Signed, the Sartorial Podiatrist.

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