Don’t we all want accessories to make us smile? Come rain or shine, accessories have the power to lift our spirits. We’re celebrating World Happiness Day today by rounding up the accessories that are sure to make you feel good, whether you plan to add a little sparkle, dress up your outfit or make yourself smile.

1. The beret

If you’re one of these people that thinks ‘hats don’t look good on me.’ I’ll stop you you right there because this light lilac beret will look amazing on anyone. The link is below the picture so you can shop it right now. You’re welcome.

Spree, R69

2. Pompom earrings 

I believe these speak for themselves.

Mango, R249

3. The sunglasses 

Your day will definitely look brighter with those yellow-tinted sunglasses. They have the power to turn even a rainy day into a sunny one – pretty magical if you think about it.

Superbalist, R289

4. The key ring 

Because even your keys deserve some colour.

Spree, R69


5. The bag 

Would it be a happy day without a happy bag? This cutie from Zara definitely increases the odds.

Zara, R659



6. The socks 

Have you ever tried colourful socks with a monotone pair of shoes ? I think it’s time for a cheery pop of colour.

H&M, R149


7. The shoes 

On top of being very comfortable, (take it from me) they’ll make your outfit and your day brighter.

Zara, R659



That’s enough about me… what accessory makes you happy every time you wear it? Tell us on twitter and enjoy World Happiness Day.