Whether your jacket’s slipping off your shoulders, or you’ve shrugged off your shirt, the newest way to become an instant street-style success is to slouch those shoulders … of your shirt/jacket/sweater, NOT your actual shoulders. Posture is still important to us, we promise. We know this trend might be a little impractical but it sure is beautiful. And fashion people love breaking the rules right?

I even gave this trend a try at SAFW Day One! 

This trend took flight with Demna Gvasalia’s debut for Balenciaga for Fall Winter 2016, where jackets, bombers and even trench coats were shrugged off the shoulder. Known for his innovative take on re-purposing classic items of clothing, he had everyone falling in love with this rebellious way to do winter layering. And so, the shoulder slip was born, and it was soon to be seen everywhere.

balenciaga fw 16

Balenciaga FW ’16

The Fenty Puma X Rihanna show took this trend to a place of edgy and dark sportsluxe, with hoodies and lace-up tops slipping off shoulders. If Rihanna is doing it, then it must be the way forward. And so, this wonderfully impractical trend intended for those not really needing a jacket for warmth, only style, flourished.

fenty puma rihanna fw 16

Fenty Puma X Rihanna FW ’16

The shoulder slouch became a fully fledged trend as the fashion public headed to various fashion weeks to preview the best of the Fall/Winter 2017 shows and trends. It was the streets of New York where the four stages of the shoulder shrug emerged. Presenting to you the Mini-Slouch, Half-Slouch, Full-Slouch and One-Shoulder-Slouch. The type of slouch you select will depend on how warm or cold you’re feeling that day and also how daring you want to be.

street style new york fw 17

The Mini-Slouch

For those wanting to try the trend, simply throw your coat over your shoulders and leave your arms out the sleeves. Tip: keeping your jacket actually on you will keep you warmer.

street style new york fw 17

The Half-Slouch

The most popular way of wearing this trend. Tip: Do a button or two at the bottom of your jacket to keep it from falling off you.

street style new york fw 17


For those who’ve gone full fashion-star, wear your coat at your elbows. Tip: great for when you want to show the beautiful detailing of your shirt.

street style new york fw 17

The One-Shoulder-Slouch

If you’re wanting to switch it up against the rest of the shoulder-shrug soldiers (say that three times fast) try the one-shoulder shrug. Tip: this may take a little practice, and some serious balance, but we know you’ve got it.

SA has caught on too, as Droomer presented his new A/W ’17 collection (after a five-year break) made up of monochromatic looks with polo-necks, puffer jackets and elegant silk trench coats which (you guessed it) shrugged off the models’ shoulders.

Images from Imaxtree / Instagram.