Tradition suggests that an engagement ring should cost the equivalent of three months’ salary. But while many still conform to this, it’s a little steep for most of us. Modern couples are going against the grain and opting for the rings they like and can afford, rather than a diamond in a traditional setting. To help you follow their lead, we’ve found 30 unconventional engagement rings under R10 000.

Before we get to the list, here’s some good advice to keep in mind when choosing:

  1. While we’ve picked a few of our favourites available from large franchise stores, these places aren’t your only option. Scout around for handmade and bespoke pieces made locally.
  2. While diamonds may be forever, so are a variety of precious and semi-precious stones. If you are dead-set on the traditional diamond look, Swarovski crystals are a marvellous alternative to get the desired effect. For more unconventional brides, look to tanzanite, cognac diamonds, citrine, morganite and emeralds.
  3. Solid gold, in many cases, would be first prize, but when on a budget, gold-plated is a realistic option. Just remember that, although a bargain, plated elements will require extra care, such as removing your ring before you shower or tackle the dishes. 


Oval morganite ring in rose gold, R6 700, Dear Rae


London blue topaz ring in 9ct yellow gold, R4 100, Dear Rae

Pearl ring, R4 950, Thomas Sabo

18ct gold ring, R7 990, Kirsten Goss

Octagon iolite ring, R2 250, Famke

Silver and diamond ring, R9 950, Thomas Sabo

Rhodium plated, R1 390, Swarovski

9ct gold citrine ring, R7 380, Black Betty Design

14ct gold with tanzanite and diamonds, R6 154, Jenna Clifford

9ct gold and diamond beetle ring, R7 700, Anna Rosholt


9ct yellow gold ring, R2 999, Sterns

Teardrop citrine ring in 9ct gold, R4 300, Dear Rae

White diamond ring in yellow gold, R10 000, Dear Rae

9ct pink gold morganite and diamond ring, R6 999, American Swiss

9ct emerald and gold ring, R6 100, Dear Rae

Blue topaz and yellow gold ring, R5 100, Dear Rae

14ct gold and tanzanite ring, R7 650, Black Betty Design

9ct rose gold, gemstone and diamond ring, R9 680, Black Betty Design

9ct gold and pearl ring, R8 020, Black Betty Design

9ct rose gold diamond ring, R8 330, Black Betty Design

Rhodium plated ring, R1 690, Swarovski

9ct Rose gold and diamond ring, R8 100, Dear Rae

9ct gold ring, R3 680, Blak Betty Design

9ct gold gemstone ring, R3 450, Black Betty Design

9ct gold, diamond and tanzanite ring, R8 999, American Swiss

9ct gold ring, R9 960, Black Betty Design

Rose gold plated ring, R799, Swarovski

9ct topaz and tanzanite ring, R5 945, Black Betty Design

14ct gold and Polki diamond ring, R5 880, Black Betty Design

9ct gold ring, R2 499, American Swiss


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