With all of the best Rocking the Daisies festival style covered, we’d be remiss not to shine a spotlight on the real leading lights — the musicians. For some of the performers, it was their first time attending the festival. Others reflected fondly on their time spent in the audience, some as recently as last year. 

We went backstage to catch up with performers Shekhinah, Gina Jeanz, Alice Phoebe Lou, Vuyo Renene, Patty Monroe, and K-$ after their sets to discuss what performing at one of the country’s biggest music festivals means to them, what they’ve done to make it this far, their fondest concert memory, and the coordination of their wardrobes on and off the stage.

Rapper Patty Monroe let us in to her dressing room to share some style secrets:

‘I know I’m a rapper, I’m supposed to do this hard core Cardi B rap but you don’t have to look like a man just because you’re doing a man’s job better than he can do it. You don’t have to tone yourself down in order to make everybody else feel comfortable around you. This look is quite raunchy, it’s more on the sexier side of things that I do.’


Durban’s very own Pop/R&B vocalist Shekhinah spoke with us about what performing at RTD meant to her.

‘Performing at RTD for me is tapping into a new culture, a new city, and it’s a milestone for me. I’ve never been here before, and I kind of end up performing at the same events, but performing at Rocking The Daisies is like a fresh start in a new place.’


Gina Jeanz truly is a jack-of-all-trades, the Namibian model, music producer, and graphic designer reflected on memories from her first and favourite concert. 

‘Swedish House Mafia was my fondest concert memory. That was the first proper outdoor concert I ever attended. I am from Namibia, and we have stadium concerts, but this was international people! I just remember loving it and really, really enjoying it, because when you’re not used to that kind of environment you’re just wide-eyed like, woah this is huge.’

Cape Town born singer/songwriter Alice Phoebe Lou chatted with us about her most recent style transformation. 

‘On stage sometimes I’m self-conscious about being over dressed, because when I was younger I felt like I was a bit of a tomboy. I’ve started to experiment really recently with just getting a bit dressed up sometimes, and being shameless about it, and being like, yes I’m a fucking woman and I want to dress up.’

From the audience to the stage, singer Vuyo Renene spoke to us about what hard work and ambition can really produce. 

‘Performing at RTD is reaching a whole new milestone in my career. I remember I came here last year and I was watching one of my friends and he was also on the hip-hop stage. I remember just looking up at the lights and being like, oh my God I want to do that. The next year I was. I guess I was ambitious, but it worked out. It’s just representing how far I can go and how far I can actually push myself when I put my mind to it.’


Fresh from the stage, K-$ kept it real about the source of his style inspiration:

‘What inspired my outfit? Me. I’m an international playboy.’