Right now, fashion is going through a revolution. Styles have shifted beyond the traditional boundaries of what we’ve been told is ‘good style’. Labelled the ‘bad taste trend’, this burgeoning movement asks us to reevaluate what the meaning of taste.

Leading the way is Gucci, who had boys dressed like girls and replaced minimalism with maximalism. Christopher Kane said crocs are cute, and seasonal dressing has virtually disappeared across the board.

We’ve compiled a starter’s guide for some of the brazen ideas running rampant on runways.

Print galore

Prada SS17

Long gone are the days of wearing merely one or two patterns at a time. Get ready to disregard those narrow-minded limitations. Head-to-toe pattern clashing is the name of the game and this kind of madness has us more than a little excited.

Gaudy goodness

Balmain AW16

Gucci SS17

Big fashion brands really upped the ‘anti’ in anti-fashion these past seasons. Rather than go along with conventional ideas of elegance and sexuality, they played with our assumptions of what constitutes fashion. Runway looks have moved away casually from elegant minimalism to replace it with gold, glitter and excess. More is more is more, and we love it all.

One person’s trash…

Vetements SS17

Some might argue that the latest trends spearheaded by Balenciaga and Vetements are tacky. We beg to differ and say the rise of ‘pretty ugly’ is not only refreshing but also the antagonistic change is good. For too long have we gone on as ‘flawless’ girls; unpredictable and artfully disheveled is up next.

Rule breakers

Christopher Kane SS17

Balenciaga SS17

If there was anything that we learned these past couple of seasons it’s that taste in its traditional sense is an illusion – and that’s okay. We’re choosing to embrace this shift, and slowly acquaint ourselves with all the radical the runway has to offer.

All images from Imaxtree