Basket bags may not be for everyone. We get it. But novelty handbags are trending, and now there’s a new kid on the block. Meet the beaded bag. Beaded bags are quirky, textured hand bags full of character. Some might call that character ’90s granny aesthetic,’ but we’re on board with this accessory.

The beauty about this cutesy must-have is that they come in every shape, size and colour. So if bright pink is a bit much for you, a clear beaded bag gives you a more low-key option. And since pay day has recently blessed us, now is a good time to spoil yourself. Here are three beaded bags we’ve just added to our carts.

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1. Go for bold

This bright pink number is for the girl that loves to turn heads and finds deep pleasure in purchasing statement items. Beaded bags are here to brighten up anyone’s outfit and add character to your accessory collection.

Bag, Zara R659


2. Take me back to the 90s

What most don’t know is that this version of the beaded bag is a replica of what they originally looked like when we were all kids. Well, when some of us were. And I hate to break it to you guys, but anything that is see-through (vinyl or perspex) is on trend right now. Surprisingly, it is as versatile as a black clothing item or accessory. So this bag would do wonders, whether dressed down or dressed up for a night out.

Bag, Mango R1 200


2. Bohemian flair

The wooden version of a beaded bag is a rare find. This style would work well for someone who likes the bohemian look, and would look amazing with a dress and denim jacket.

Bag, Mango R849

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