As someone who has worn an E-cup bra since Grade 11, I am very aware of the never-ending struggle of living in the body of a busty woman. In high school and university, my mom at least paid for my bras, so my boob problems were mainly existential (why are they here? What purpose do they serve?). Now I actually have to finance my bras myself. Did you know that certain retailers (ahem Woolworths) charge up to R40 more for the exact same bra if you’re buying a DD cup or larger? It can’t be more than 12 extra centimetres of fabric, yet that’s the standard.

We all deserve to wear pretty things under our clothes but you’d be hard-pressed to find a pretty and supportive DD+ number for less than R250. Nevertheless, here are the top five affordable, size-inclusive brands and where to find them. You can trust me, I’ve been scouting the scene for a decade.


1. Playtex

The undergarment of my youth! Their bras have never disappointed as far as support and design are concerned. I even used to do PE while wearing their bras, with minimal discomfort (before discovering the double bra trick). You’ll find Playtex at Zando or Edgars.


2. Triumph

Triumph is affordable and sensible. This brand is the best priced of any I’ve come across. Their garments are of a satisfactory quality but I do find them rather conservative when it comes to style. You’ll find Triumph’s DD+ range at Edgars (Foschini carries the brand too but with limited sizes).



3. Distraction

The sexiest of the lot and also the most expensive but oh boy is it worth it. For the sake of comfort, you may need to size up. I’ve found that their straps can leave pretty nasty marks after a long day, though. Distraction is available at Woolworths.


4. Woolworths’ in-house brand

WW has by far the most size-inclusive range available and caters to diverse tastes and diverse-ish pockets too. I live in these bras. They retail between R180 and R280, and they’re durable too. Woolworths is the GOAT where bras are concerned (except for the aforementioned pricing issue).



5. Ackermans

I’ve never actually tried their bras but they have a very nifty online tool that lets you know if you are wearing the right bra size. Their range goes up to G cup (WIN) and it’s actually very affordable at R200 for a *pair* of bras.

The choices for busty girls are very limited. At most stores, you’ll still only find an uninspiring selection of beige, black and white. One day, Rihanna will save us from this bleak reality – until then, these are the best options.

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