We often discount the idea of simultaneously looking sexy and being comfortable. But remember when wearing leggings as pants became a thing? Your legs and butt were sculpted and you could actually move. My wardrobe was changed for the better.

Since then, incorporating comfort into my style is a daily fashion aspiration, and biker shorts seem to be the perfect summer fit. The fact that they reveal most of your legs and are extremely fitted makes them way more sexy than leggings and, considering the length and the standard use of spandex, the comfort might just surpass that of leggings. Simply put, I have been impatiently waiting for the days to get warmer so I can wear a pair of biker shorts.

TIP: The best way to wear biker shorts is as if you are in fact going to or coming from the gym – with an athletic-looking sweater and a pair of sneakers.

Staple or fad?

However, I am uncertain of how long-lasting this trend is likely to be, considering that its popularity is thanks to the Kardashian catapult. Before Kim Kardashian-West, biker shorts were reserved for the gym or a jog around the neighbourhood. As a fashion connoisseur and the creative director of Yeezy, Kanye West has the perfect model and marketing strategy in his right hand: Kim. Kanye takes every opportunity to dress her in the latest Yeezy prototypes.

A quick rundown with Kim K

For inspo, the styling of Kim’s biker shorts ensembles shows the diversity of this ’90s baby:


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You can dress up biker shorts with a pair of heels and a stylish jacket.

All Yeezy Season 6

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For more seasonal transitional looks, you can wear biker shorts with a trendy jacket and thigh-high boots.

In summer, you could wear biker shorts with a longish, loose-fitted T-shirt, a crop top, a button-up shirt, a blazer with a plunging neckline, or a top that matches your biker shorts – in colour or print, a monochromatic look is always a good idea.

Apart from providing the basis for Kim’s latest looks, biker shorts have been seen on models at the latest runaway shows. Only time will tell how long this trend lasts, but warmer weather is around the corner, so you should really get yourself a pair or two.