There’s no doubt about it: Gigi Hadid is rising to the top of the fashion food chain very quickly. She’s gorgeous, stylish and can certainly walk the walk. And we don’t only mean the runway walk, which she has obviously mastered. Even when she’s out and about, getting coffee or heading to shoots, Gigi’s style is always on point. After extensive analysis, we decoded her street style and found six golden rules.

Tip 1: The Dream Team

Never doubt the power of this combo: blue denim and a white T. However, think of wearing different denim styles: skinny, mom jeans or flared, and different types of tees. Add simple accessories like interesting sunnies or boots, and this look is complete.

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Tip 2: Thinking Outside The Box

Denim can be done differently. Head to vintage stores to find rare pieces or try a double-denim combo.

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Tip 3: Bedtime Business

The PJ trend is still very much around, and Miss Hadid is all about it. It’s comfortable and can also appear super-stylish when paired with white heels.

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Tip 4: Seeing Red

Adding a pop of bright red can do wonders for an all-black look – whether in the form of flared pants or those cat-eye sunnies she’s become known for.

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Tip 5: All Around the Colour Block

Wearing a sold colour is such an easy way to look good, especially in 2017, where monochrome dressing is best. A matching suit or even full-colour ensemble are brilliant ways to start.

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Tip 6: Get on The Right Track

Never doubt the power of a tracksuit – especially when it’s got an interesting element, like embellishments or a print. Wear with sneakers, heels or flats and, of course, sunglasses!

Image via Rexfeatures

And there you have it, the six golden rules of Gigi Hadid’s street style.