Half the fun of seeing a good outfit is deciding exactly what makes it so good. Is it the crazy colours? Or the super minimal shape? Analysing the millions of street style photos (not an exaggeration) we look at makes these looks seem less scary and more wearable. And we’re all about wearing good outfits, so we’ve analysed 3 of our favourite street style looks of the moment, so you too can understand this brilliance (and then copy it, obviously.

1.Mostly in a Monochrome Mood

Black and white are a match made in heaven. Ebony and ivory provides the perfect base colours to work with, as it allows for simple pieces to shine. This outfit features a pair of well fitting white trousers, cinched at the waist with a black belt, and a low cut white shirt topped with a graphic black coat. The key to a monochrome look is making sure that there are interesting textures, so nothing looks flat.

Photo via Imaxtree

2. Somewhere Under The Rainbow…

…You’ll find pure outfit magic. On the opposite end of the spectrum (quite literally) is the rainbow trend. If you have one rainbow piece, choose one colour as the highlight and have your accessories in this. It’s likely that you already own a pleated skirt, t-shirt and bright accessories, now just put them together…

Photo via Imaxtree

3. Tweedtastic

Tweed is currently popular. The fabric comes in all shapes and sizes, and when worn during summer will probably cause great alarm to someone in England. However, not to fret, this fabric (originally quite heavy and scratchy) is now being reproduced in lighter weights for more summer appropriate clothing. Lazily belt a tweed jacket dress and pop on some black and gold accessories for a power look. 

Photo via Imaxtree