We are all about denim, and our latest favourite way to wear this universal fabric is with a customisable jacket. Here are our top three local artists and fashion houses adding a splash of individuality to this timeless classic.

1. Jota-Kena

Jota-Kena (featured in our June issue) is an ethical luxury fashion house that is known for producing denim pieces that celebrate the wearer’s individuality. The design duo adds timeless twists to their denim jackets by featuring paintings and artwork. The one below is from their latest bespoke collection; we love the festive mood created by adding brightly textured embroidery to a simple black denim.

The best cusomisable denim jackets in South Africa jota kena


2. Ana Kuni

This Ukranian-born artist currently based in Cape Town is known for creating art pieces that speak to warrior women who are creative, compassionate and conscious. The jacket below taps into the spirit-animal metaphor, reminding us that  energy comes from within and encouraging us to stay authentic, wild and free.

The best cusomisable denim jackets in South Africa anna kui


3. Levi’s

Last year, Levis teamed up with local creatives to recreate the classic trucker jacket. Some of the creatives involved included designer and fashion brand Sol-Sol, and influencer/creative Malume Dome. Levi’s stores around the country offer in-house customising services where you can edit your jeans, jackets and even T-shirts by adding patches, creating a distressed effect, or adding studs and embroidery.


If you’re more of a DIYer, check out our How To Customise Your Jacket In Five Easy Steps post.