While some of the biggest fashion icons of our time have lived beautiful, long lives (Coco Chanel was 87 when she passed away in 1971, and more recently Hubert de Givenchy was 91) a few of fashion’s brightest stars have left the world too soon. Following the tragic passing of Kate Spade on 5 June 2018, we pay tribute to her and other genial fashion creatives who tragically left the world too soon.

Kate Spade
December 1962 – June 2018
The world was left stunned when news broke that Kate Spade had passed away. She worked in publishing for many years before launching a stylish and chic line of handbags. She built an empire, but on 5 June she took her life, aged only 55.


Kate Spade. Getty Images


Alexander McQueen
March 1969 – February 2010
Alexander McQueen was an undeniable talent. His work was audacious, mysterious and undeniably beautiful, with some of his designs, including the Armadillo shoe becoming a part of pop culture. He was only 40 years old when he took his own life in 2010.


Alexander McQueen. Getty Images


Gianni Versace
December 1946 – July 1997
Gianni Versace was at the top of the fashion empire when he was killed in 1997 outside of his home in Miami. He was only 50 years old, but he had made a name for himself as the king of luxury. Donatella Versace then took over the business, which still stands strong today.


Gianni Versace. Getty Images


Christian Dior
January 1905 – October 1957
His name is synonymous with elegant, timeless gowns. When Christian Dior passed away in 1957 at only 52 years old, the world of fashion lost one of its greatest talents. Although he died of a heart attack, the exact circumstances of his death are still unknown.


Christian Dior. Getty Images


L’Wren Scott
April 1964 – March 2014
At the time of her death, L’Wren Scott, born Laura Bambrough was a celebrated stylist and fashion designer. She committed suicide a month before turning 50, leaving behind her husband, Mick Jagger.



L’Wren Scott. Getty Images


They might have left the world too soon, but their legacy lives on for adding beauty and intrigue to our world; helping shape our love and understanding of fashion.