Do your jeans do justice to your shape? Finding the perfect jeans for your body type can literally be a life-changing experience. It will change how you style your outfit, and even how you feel about your body. It’s all a matter of finding ‘the one’ – the perfect pair of jeans. There are jeans that look better on pear-shaped women, jeans that are made specifically for petite women and ones for fuller-figured women. So, here’s how to find the most flattering denim jeans for your body type:


If you are petite and short, avoid wide-cut jeans or jeans that flair. They can easily swallow you and make you appear even shorter. The best cut for petite bodies is skin-tight skinnys that are ankle-grazing, aka cropped. These expose the ankle, creating an elongating effect. Look out for jeans that are more fitted. If you are in search of the boyfriend jeans effect, mom jeans will work well, because they are less boxy and baggy.


And if you have a flat butt, look for jeans that have bigger back pockets, because the pockets make your butt look bigger and rounder.

2. Pear shape

The most common problem for pear-shaped women is the waistline gap that forces you to wear a belt. Finding jeans that do not present this problem used to be a struggle, but denim houses have since looked into this and improved the fit. The best way out of the ‘gap’ is to find mid-rise or high-rise jeans. This fit creates a retro, well-fitted effect and the ‘rise’ puts everything in place, making you look like you live on squats, even if you don’t.

Similar pairs to the aforementioned can be found at H&M, Top Shop and Levi’s.

3. Fuller figure

For fuller-figured women, look for jeans that have a good stretch, because there’s nothing worse than jeans that do not go all the way up to your crotch, or are too tight to move around in. (If you want to look smaller, stay away from lighter washes such as white or very light blue jeans. If you’re embracing your curves, however, light colours are your friend). Your go-to style of jeans should be mid-rise (because of their breathing room) and navy or black skinnys with smaller back pockets.


Jeans, H&M R329


Finding a fit that is going to make you feel sexy comes with accepting that we are all made to look different! The only way to finding a good pair of jeans is by asking for assistance, and having patience while you shop. Happy denim shopping!