The iconic Michael Kors is known for his gorgeous bias-cut silk dresses, fabulous studded heels and incredible leather goods. Especially now that we have a store in both Joburg and Cape Town (#winning!) and we can check these items out for ourselves. What some might not know is that he has a serious competitive side, and is willing to take on the most incredible women of the fashion world, in a good old-fashioned game. He’s had to guess famous characters with Lily Alridge, put Gigi Hadid‘s sketching skills to the test, and sang along with Kate Hudson. The celebrity guests are always dressed to the nines (of course) with Michael in a dashing suit, as they sit in some of New York’s most beautiful penthouses to get their Glamour Game on!

And we know for sure that his latest competition has a thing for getting the truth out of anybody, especially as her most famous character Serena van der Woodsen. It’s a game of fact or fiction between Michael and Blake Lively, and we’re on the edge of our seats wanting to know if Michael really did do jello shots with J. Lo. Find out the answer, and a whole lot more in the latest installment of Glamour Games.