October is here and we’re all dreaming about summer. We’ve (kind of) started planning our holidays and have (almost) finished spring cleaning our wardrobes, chucking all warm coats to the back and trying on summer dresses. There’s nothing like a good change of season to refresh your style and get a head-start on your summer styling. Use the in-between time to carefully plan what you want to get, instead of going crazy and buying all the pom pom sandals you see.


Take some time to think about your ideal summer look, which is dependant on where you’ll be in a couple months’ time.

1. Plan

You should have a slight idea of what you want to be doing come summertime, and so as mentioned above, you might need a whole lotta swimsuits, some sparkly dresses or a bit of both. Once you’ve got your “essentials”, it’ll be easy to fill in the rest when the times comes. By basing your outfits on your activities, you won’t end up with a wardrobe full of cocktail dresses with nowhere to go in Feb.

2. Get Inspired

Thanks to the brilliant street style seen at fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris, your head will start to fill with style ideas. Perhaps you’ll see an individual piece you like which you know will work with everything, or perhaps an outfit you’d like to copy.

3. Be Trend Savvy

Whilst basket bags are festive and summer appropriate, you certainly don’t need 7 different versions. By working out which items are trend-based and which items are evergreen, you’ll decide where to save or splurge. A good pair of denim shorts might be crucial and worth the extra cash but a printed beach kaftan will probably only take you through this season.

4. Shop

Head to the shops with a list of what you want to get, based on what you already have from last season and what you still need. Be aware of the flood of trend pieces out there, and stick to your guns when faced with this. Go through your list and look out for items which appeal. Keep in mind that swimsuit shopping can be terrifying, but less so when you give yourself some time to go through the motions of it. Here are some of our favourite pieces…

5. Enjoy

With each item in your summer wardrobe carefully considered, you’ll be able to actually enjoy getting dressed and when it comes to packing your summer suitcase, you’ll be thanking us!