It’s 2018 and the ‘new year; new me’ mentality is there for most of us. I spent my much-needed break on family time and sleeping, and I find myself entering the new year having been unproductive. The new year brings with it the notion of spring cleaning one’s whole life, from relationships to playrooms, everything must go. This can be stressful, but there’s no point in having a meltdown. Start small and focus on something you use every day: your handbag is your most loyal yet oft-neglected asset.

Although New Year’s resolutions may differ, I think everyone can agree that saving time and being more organised are common resolutions for a good reason. Here’s a list of absolute essentials that I’m popping in my bag for 2018. From hygiene to rogue buttons, we have you covered.

What’s in my handbag? 

Opt for a hairbrush with a ‘lid’ to avoid trapping lint and coins. Choose wisely when it comes to your nails and ensure that your nail-file is protected from additional bacteria. Fill a small make-up bag with the important little things such as tweezers and hair ties (in case yours breaks). Power banks may seem like a costly investment, but they are the most valuable asset when in an emergency and the one below is suitable for any cable. When it comes to spills and germs, wet wipes and hand sanitizers work best.

Start fresh with our budget-friendly picks below: 

Tangle Teezer R249 Takealot; The Longmarket Hand & Nail Cream R65 Woolworths; Wipes R10 MRP; Olive Argan Hand Sanitizer R40 Woolworths; Essence 4 in 1 Nail File R25 Spree; Coin Purse R299 Mimco; Phone Case R299 Country Road; Hair Ties R99 Witchery; Swiss Mobility Universal Power Bank R169 Takealot; Tweezer set R65 Woolworths; Sewing Kit R29 Takealot; Wallet R1 299 Mimco

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