It’s 7pm, and I’m still perched in front of my computer at work. 8pm rolls around and then nine… I was meant to be at dinner at 7:30pm. I cancelled, but a friend calls back to say I HAVE to be there. I couldn’t resist, but for once I had forgotten to empty half of my make-up bag out into my handbag. I had nothing on me, and when I gracefully rolled out of bed 14 hours earlier, a tiny puddle of foundation and a stroke of mascara was just about all I could manage. The weather is dreadful and after a day of running errands in the rain, I’m not looking very put-together. I still haven’t gotten around to purchasing that transparent umbrella I’ve been wanting since I was 12 , and as a result I am now bare-faced and my hair is a frizzy mess. I find a R41 lip gloss rolling around and that’s all I have in the make-up department. This will save me.

Step 1: hairĀ 

I put a few blobs on my fingers, rub my hands together and tame those fly-aways. What is dry oil for hair, anyway?

Step 2: brows

I put a tiny drop on my finger tips and I run them over my brows… These beasts need to be tamed.

Step 3: LipsĀ 

The sheer, glossy lip gloss may seem so 2001, but I love that it contains jojoba oil and the way it reflects the light. It adds dimension and gives my lips a plumper look.

Step 4: eyes

I smudge a tiny bit under my eyes and wipe away, to remove the dark residue my mascara has left. I am as ready as I will ever be.