Pairing prints requires major confidence in what you are wearing. How you feel about the outfit you have on is displayed in your body language. The mix-and-match trend can be alarming, so we would like to guide you through combining prints in a way that suits your persona and your style.

1. Go big or go home

Oversized fits have appeared in every fashion scene and finally found its way into street style. Oversized clothes can be hard to style (or just hard to walk around in), but this trend is winning over our hearts.

Mixing and matching your prints using oversized clothes is the kind of dramatic aesthetic we like, because of the boxy effect, masculine edge, and ample breathing room.


2. Balance it out

To avoid feeling overwhelmed by all your print action, accessorise with calmer and cooler tones to help bring the outfit back to reality, if you know what I mean. Do this by adding a grey t-shirt, a black leather cap, or a minimalistic white bag to the mix for a touch of simplicity. Try identifying a dominant tone (black or white) and use that to build your look using accessories.


3. Blame it on the trend

Your print mix-up can be inspired by the check wave. And you can be smart by mixing up different types of check to create a check-on-check mix. A check suit paired with a trench or coat in a similar pattern, along with a chunky black boot will do the trick!

4. Dare to stand out

Allowing your personality to be echoed in an outfit will make you and the look stand out. When mixing and matching prints, drift towards colours, patterns and textures that will reflect your character and your lifestyle. If you’re still in your twenties and have a playful or bubbly personality and a flexible work environment, wearing brighter, youthful prints will make you look like the fashionista you are (and result in a double-tap worthy instagram photo).

Don’t shy away from mixing prints and taking advantage of the fashion moment that we’re in – make the most of it and live your best, most fashionable life!