Firstly, let’s define just exactly what a pair of brogues are: A dressier shoe with laces and fine detailing in the leather. Now that you know what they are, it’s time to know how to wear them. They can be tricky to style without looking like you stepped out of a preppy high school, but with the right mix of clothes, the brogue can elevate your look.

Tip 1: The brogue has a masculine look, so they look great paired with feminine pieces such as full skirts, strappy tops or ruffles.


Tip 2: If it’s an androgynous look you’re after, pair your brogues with wide-leg pinstripe pants and a formal shirt or jacket.


Tip 3: Socks detailed with frills or patterns will show off your brogues to perfection.

Image from Imaxtree

Tip 4: It’s worth investing in a good quality pair of brogues to ensure the shape retains as they tend to soften once they are worn.

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Tip 5: For a modern take, look for a brogue with a chunky platform.


Images via Imaxtree

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