From backpacks to baskets, we present our ultimate pick of summer-ready beach bags. A true summer essential, it goes without saying that the beach bag should be beach-proof – so plastic or straw varieties are your best bets. Whether you’re in it for the long haul, prepared with a book and snacks, or prefer one small pouch to keep your things water and sand proof, we’re certain you’ll find your dream beach bag below.

The bold

These bags look to bright prints, in many colours. They’re fun and can’t be missed when you keep an eye on your bag from the water. Another bonus is that these bags are all rather large so you can hold all your essentials, and some extra too!

The woven

The very trendy basket bag takes its place centre stage in summer. These inspired totes are perfect for seaside days, and thanks to neutral tones work with almost everything.

The backpack

You probably need space for your frisbee, water bottle and goggles, and picking a backpack will also keep your hands free. Make it a fashionable one by choosing from the below.

The nautical

It makes total sense to wear something nautical-inspired to the beach. Think blue and white stripes, or tan accents for nauti-cool.

The minimal

Black and white, mesh and even some shimmer (sometimes) are what you want next to you on the beach.

The mini’s

To keep your phone and keys in one place, and to hold in your hand or pop into your bigger bag. Also, works as a clutch when you head to the bar.

Now that you’ve nabbed your bag, don’t forget to pack in the sunscreen (safety first) and your towel.