The watch: A forgotten (time) piece; a functional-meets-fashionable accessory that can really turn your whole look around! We’ve handpicked three fabulous Dior watches from Picot & Moss and matched them to three street style stars’ outfits, fresh off the Spring 2019 Fashion Week streets. There really is no reason why your watch can’t have the same effect your footwear has when completing your look. It’s as simple as…

1. Balance

A monochrome palette need not be boring. This DIOR VIII DIAMOND-SET DIAL 33MM AUTOMATIC watch needs no introduction. It is bold and flashy, so look to sleek and simple silhouettes with a touch of structure and modernism to balance your overall look.


Getty Images / Supplied

2. Blend

It takes incredible skill to know your tones. The simplest way to bring this across in your look is to keep all your colour choices in the family. This DIOR GRAND BAL FÊTE DU PRINTEMPS watch is the perfect tone of a season transition: burgundy. Its warm coloured strap should act as your foundation to build a look from. The tangerine, ruby-red and burgundy play together in unison.


Getty Images / supplied

3. Be bold

Who said that metallics were only reserved for nighttime? Metallics are the sun’s best friend! If you’re going to wear a watch as reflective as the DIOR VIII GRAND BAL “PLISSÉ SOLEIL”, you might as well go all out with a very sun-reflective counterpart and own it.


Getty images / supplied